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- Packers Sign LB Barnett to Extension

Chris Pokorny April 11, 2007
Chris Pokorny
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The Green Bay Packers signed linebacker Nick Barnett to a multi-year contract extension on Tuesday, which will keep him with the team through 2012. Barnett was entering the final year of his five-year deal from when he was a rookie.

"It was definitely an option to hit the market," Barnett said. "But being a Packer for life, there's not a lot of players who play on the same team for their entire career. I'm blessed, actually, to have that opportunity."

Barnett wanted it to be made clear that his mind was set on remaining with the organization. He participated in offseason drills with the Packers to show his dedication towards the team.

"It (was) more important for him to take the sure thing now, knowing that he could be a guy next year who ends up in a position where the numbers get huge," said Barnett's agent, Chuck Price.

Barnett had 105 tackles, two sacks, and two interceptions despite playing the final month of the season with a cast on. Barnett is one of the leaders of the Packers' defense, which hopes to make an impact this season and challenge the Chicago Bears for the division title.

"I had one more year on my contract. (I said), 'I'm not trying to force their hand or they aren't trying to force mine,"' said Barnett. "I'm in it with them. We're a team at this. I'm not going to take that route."'

And, in somewhat unrelated Packers news, the Houston Texans re-signed running back Samkon Gado, a former Packers running back. The Texans also have former Packers running back Ahman Green on board, meaning that the two are together once again.

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