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- Patriots Just Barely Win

Chris Pokorny September 10, 2004
Chris Pokorny
PFC Owner & Writer

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In the opener of the NFL season, the Patriots just barely won. And you know what? I am convinced that the Colts are still the better team. I'll give credit to the Patriots, they DID in fact win once again. The Colts in my mind really outperformed the Patriots.

I'm not giving a lot of credit to the Colts defense, they did not look good at times. Tom Brady did play a heck of a game and made some nice passes. We did see a whole lot of things happen this season though that didn't happen all of last season. That includes:

New England losing by seven points at home at one time.

Tom Brady throwing an interception at home.

Mike Vanderjagt missing a field goal.

The big key in this game was the two fumbles by Edgerrin James. If you take away one of those fumbles, the Colts likely win by four. If you take away both, they may have won by double digits.

Corey Dillon also looked great for the Patriots in his limited amount of carries.

And the Colts still could have won the game with the fumbles if Willie McGinest didn't sack Peyton Manning unblocked. Vanderjagt would have likely made the field goal then, and forcing an overtime. Who knows what would have happened then. My prediction?

I think we'll have to wait until the AFC Championship to find out.

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