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- Rams New Coach Focusing on Offense

Chris Pokorny January 20, 2006
Chris Pokorny
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The St. Louis Rams want to continue what they feel they're best at: offense. The Rams hired Scott Linehan as their new head coach, replacing former coach Mike Martz. Martz was always known for having a good offense, and Linehan has similar qualities.

Linehan, who was the offensive coordinator for the Miami Dolphins last year, was the coordinator for the Minnesota Vikings prior to last year. He was a part of the Vikings overwhelming, quick-strike offense, something that the Rams are already used to. Linehan is not much a defensive guy either, meaning that the defensive coordinator will have to get the job done himself.

"The reason you hire coaches is to do the job you hired them for," said Linehan. "I'm going to be involved just so I'm informed."

Although Linehan has similar qualities as Martz, the Rams hope that things go differently under Linehan. Martz was often criticized for poor use of timeouts, and abandoning the running game too often early in a game. Linehan knows that everyone must cooperate for the Rams to be a successful team.

"We're going to do things together, we're going to make decisions together, and we will come to the right decision," Linehan said. "We're not always going to agree, but we're not going to be disagreeable about it, and that's what the most important thing is."

When Linehan was with the Vikings in 2003, the team had the number one ranked offense in the NFL. Linehan is already enjoying what he has to work with on the Rams offense.

"I have always admired what the Rams have done offensively, and coach Martz is obviously the guy that's been doing that on the offensive side," Linehan said. "We studied and emulated a lot of things offensively that were done here, just like everybody else in the league, and everybody knows it."

Despite being strong offensively, Linehan knows that the team's defense must improve after several dismal seasons.

"I think one of the problems when you get such a wonderful, dominant offensive scheme like they've had here that sometimes you get that little brother syndrome," Linehan said. "A lot of it is just bringing them into the fold.

This if Linehan's first head coaching position in the NFL.

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