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- Redskins Defense Carries Team To Victory

tlentz January 7, 2006

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It was Joe Gibbs first playoff game in 13 years, but it didn't look like he had lost the step as the Redskins moved on in the Wild Card round of the playoffs.

Washington's defense accounted for two early touchdowns and led the Skins to a 17-10 victory in Tampa.

Washington got off to a hot start early when linebacker LaVar Arrington picked off a deflected Chris Simm pass and returned it to the Tampa Bay six yard line. Portis scored on the next play with a six yard touchdown run to give the Redskins a quick 7-0 lead.

On the Bucs next drive, safety Sean Taylor picked up a Carnell Williams fumble and returned it 51 yards to put the Redskins up two touchdowns in the first quarter. Little did the Redskins know, it'd be the last time they would see the endzone.

Late in the game with the score 17-10, Tampa Bay had a chance to tie the game. On third down, Simms threw a perfect pass to wide reciever Edell Shepherd in the end zone, but Shepherd let the ball slip through his hand and incomplete. Shepherd was open again on the following play, but Simms overthrew him.

Tampa Bay had one more shot to tie the game, but Marcus Washington intercepted another tipped Simms pass to put the Bucs hopes to an end.

Washington set a record in this game. Their 120 yards of total yards was the fewest ever by a winning playoff team.

The Redskins got revenge for the controversial defeat they suffered to the Bucs earlier in the season. The Bucs won the game on a Mike Alstott two-point conversion that many believe shouldn't have counted. Now, that game doesn't matter at all, as it's the Redskins moving on in the playoffs.

The Redskins will head to Seattle next week to play the number one seed Seahawks. The two teams met earlier in the season in Washington, with the Redskins winning the game 20-17 in overtime.

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