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- Saturday Game Recaps: Marcus Vick

Chris Pokorny August 13, 2006
Chris Pokorny
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Dolphins vs. Jaguars Notes
For those of you wondering about the status of Marcus Vick, he did participate in Saturday night's preseason game against the Jacksonville Jaguars. Four quarterbacks so action for the Dolphins, but Vick was not one of them. Instead, the Dolphins went with Daunte Culpepper, Joey Harrington, Cleo Lemon, and Brock Berlin. Overall, those four quarterbacks played well, with Culpepper being the only one not to throw a touchdown. On the other side of the field, David Garrard continues to impress people after throwing for 172 yards and two touchdowns. The game didn't feature a whole lot of defense though, as it was the highest scoring game of the preseason so far, with the Jaguars winning 31-26.

As far as Vick goes, he played three different positions against the Jaguars still: wide receiver, kick returner, and punt returner. He caught two passes for 12 yards for Lemon. He fielded one punt for no gain, and one kickoff for a 28-yard return. Although he received a little more playing time than expected, that doesn't mean he'll make their 53-man roster. If he continues to progress though, he would have a decent chance at making their practice squad to begin the year.

Cardinals vs. Steelers Notes
If Warner keeps this up, people won't care if they see Matt Leinart this year. Warner threw for two touchdowns against the Steelers defense, although the running game still had difficulty even with Edgerrin James in the lineup, who carried the ball twice for negative-two yards. People didn't think Ben Roethlisberger would return to the league this early, but he started the game and was dodging defenders like only he can. The Cardinals do need Leinart in camp though, as backup QB John Navarre threw two interceptions. The Cardinals offense should have been explosive last year, and if they don't come through this year, something has to change.

Bills vs. Panthers
After I predicted that Kelly Holcomb would win the Bills starting job, how'd he do? Well, he was 2-of-4 for 16 yards and an interception that went the other way for a touchdown. J.P. Losman wasn't as bad when he played, but he also faced the second-stringers most of the time. For the Panthers, the story of the day was definitely the fact that they moved the ball well without Steve Smith in the lineup, a completely different story from a year ago. Keyshawn Johnson stepped up early, and Drew Carter caught a touchdown from Jake Delhomme. DeAngelo Williams ran the ball eight times for 21 yards, in a less-than-stellar debut. DeShaun Foster carried the ball well on his five touches though, showing the spark he had at the end of last season. With how well the Panthers' defense handled the Bills' first unit, it's hard to tell who deserves the credit. Was Carolina's defense that good, or was Buffalo's offense that bad? In this case, I'd say both statements were true.

Saints vs. Titans
We got an early look at the top rookies in the NFL, as Vince Young and Reggie Bush both saw action on opposite sides of the field. Bush didn't take long to get started, as he made a great 44-yard run after bouncing to the outside on a play that would usually be stopped after a yard or two. Drew Brees did ok in his first game as a Saint, as did Billy Volek as the Titans' starting quarterback. When Young entered the game, he struggled in the passing game, but had four scrambles for 28 yards. His main problem was not getting rid of the football in certain situations, trying to make a play when there wasn't anything available. LenDale White did not play due to his altercation the other day, and Chris Brown took advantage with a strong performance. And, for the rest of his career, Adrian McPherson will be watching where the mascot is after halftime.

Chiefs vs. Texans
Mario Williams first game as a Texan was much less exciting than Bush's, as he only recorded one tackle. Dee Brown ran for a touchdown to improve his bid to be the backup to Larry Johnson, as Michael Bennett sat out with a sore hamstring. Casey Printers, a CFL star, was the only Chiefs quarterback to play besides Trent Green. With Dominick Davis out for the Texans, rookie RB Wali Lundy impressed the team with nine carries for 59 yards and a touchdown. Overall, the Chiefs offense didn't even really attempt a lot of plays through the air, as most of the plays were on the ground.

Seahawks vs. Cowboys
Usually in the preseason, you get to see three quarterbacks play per team. Bill Parcells wanted a close look at Tony Romo though, and he got it: an entire games worth. Romo started and played the entire game, going 19-of-25 for 235 yards and a touchdown. There was nothing wrong with Drew Bledsoe; Parcells simply wanted to see how Romo would do. Terrell Owens did not play, but Patrick Crayton had a nice game, including the touchdown reception. Meanwhile, the Seahawks didn't do a whole lot on offense, only putting three points on the board. They aren't too worried though, as they were playing conservative most of the game. Both defenses played well overall.

Packers vs. Chargers
Brett Favre felt this was a solid Packers team, but now he is back to reality: they still need some work. The running game was completely shut down, and the offensive line didn't help matters. Favre and Aaron Rodgers were decent-at-best while in the game. On the other side, Chargers QB Phillip Rivers turned heads with an outstanding effort, going 15-of-21 with a touchdown. Tomlinson did not play, but Michael Turner did and showed some of the same spark he had last season. A lone bright spot for the Packers was rookie WR Greg Jennings, who had four catches for 68 yards.

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