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- Shaun Alexander Wins MVP Award

Chris Pokorny January 5, 2006
Chris Pokorny
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Seattle Seahawks running back Shaun Alexander was named the MVP of the National Football League(NFL) for the 2005-2006 season. Alexander posted outstanding numbers this year, and some may say that he carried the Seahawks on his shoulders into the playoffs.

Alexander led the league in both rushing touchdowns and yards. His 28 rushing touchdowns broke the previous NFL record of 27 set by Priest Holmes a few years ago. Alexander rushed for 1,880 yards.

Alexander was not an "automatic" winner by a long shot. Out of 50 votes, Alexander received 19. Indianapolis Colts QB Peyton Manning, who had won the award the past two seasons, had 13 votes.

"You never know how voting goes, so you can't get caught up in that," said Alexander. "But everyone wants to put themselves in a position where you can say you are one of those top players. And that's how you get to the Super Bowl. And that's how you win 13 games. That was our goal."

The Seahawks finished the season as 13-3 and earned the first seed in the NFC. They are still looking for their first playoff victory in ages though.

"I think that is a team goal," Alexander said of winning the award. "The way I always looked at MVPs was it was a player that did really, really good on a really, really good team. That is why I am even more excited about this year, because I have put together some great numbers, but we have a great team."

Alexander broks the touchdown record in the final week of the season, even though he saw limited playing time.

"He sure deserves it," said Seahawks' fullback Mack Strong. "He's had a very impressive year. In my mind, no one has been more deserving of MVP."

The Seahawks better give Alexander a new contract after the year is over. They have been slapping the franchise tag on him lately, and it has not pleased him.

The next highest vote-getter besides Manning was QB Tom Brady with 10. Following him were RB Tiki barber with six votes and QB Carson Palmer with two.

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