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- Sunday’s Quick Hitters - Chargers, Giants Win

Chris Pokorny January 6, 2008
Chris Pokorny
PFC Owner & Writer

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With the New York Giants and the San Diego Chargers winning on Sunday, Wildcard Weekend is over and the playoff schedule for next week has been set. Sunday's action wasn't as exciting as the games we saw Saturday, but at the same time it was nice to see some more stout defensive play as a change of pace. I went 1-1 in my picks, incorrectly taking the Buccaneers to win, to close out the weekend with a 3-1 record. Here are some quick hitters from Sunday's action:

Quick Hitters:
  • I liked the Buccaneers original, opening gameplan on offense. They ran the ball well and had efficient passes suited for Garcia's style of play, calling for quick passes to take away the speed of the Giants' pass rushers.

  • I hated the Buccaneers gameplan after their first couple of series. Garcia and the offense isn't known for their deep balls, and Joey Galloway was constantly running too close to the sidelines, leaving virtually no room to catch the ball even if it was on the money. What happened to the runs? The screens? The quick hitters?

  • The Giants may have only sacked Garcia once, but they were over him all game long. Corey Webster played a heck of a game in the secondary to take away Galloway most of the game. Check that: he eliminated him from the entire gameplan.

  • Joey Galloway's final line: 1 catch, 9 yards. 1 run, -4 yards. Not what you want from your top offensive receiver against a "depleted" secondary.

  • Eli Manning has been very good over the past two weeks. He's been so good, that now I have to take the Giants seriously as contenders to upset the Cowboys next week. Tony Romo and company have been off their games lately while Manning is making his reads for the first time since being drafted (or traded for, however you'd like to look at it).

  • What is with teams suddenly giving their fullbacks touches for the first time all year in the postseason? The Buccaneers did it with B.J. Askew and the Titans did it with Ahmard Hall. Ironically, both of those teams lost.

  • Jeremy Shockey is a better tight end than Kevin Boss. However, Kevin Boss has better chemistry with Eli Manning. Chemistry is what counts in this league.

  • The Titans were very creative on their first series or two with their playcalling. I actually thought that Jeff Fisher may accept the fact that his offense wouldn't be able to get it done in the traditional ways of running an offense. Unfortunately, the creativity was next to none after that, resulting in only six measly points on the board.

  • Tennessee's defense has nothing to be ashamed of. They played their butts off again against the Chargers, only to see virtually nothing from the other side of the ball.

  • The Cleveland Browns would've made for a much more exciting challenge for the Chargers. Tomlinson would've had more holes to run through and it could've ended up being the same type of shootout we saw between the Jaguars/Steelers last night.

  • I expected Tomlinson to leap on fourth down. I didn't expect him to get that high into the air.

  • It was a tough call for Norv Turner to go for it on fourth down. If you convert, you win the game for sure. If you don't, you lose if the Titans drive for a touchdown. And, if you go for the field goal, you let your defense continue going to work. With how well the Titans are at stopping the run, he placed a lot of faith in Tomlinson. Tomlinson was denied -- until a second effort, by the chance of a pile preventing him from falling to the ground, scored the touchdown.

  • The irony. Marty Schottenheimer couldn't win a postseason game with the Chargers. Turner was ridiculed often during the season for not having the Chargers playing the way they were in the regular season last year. And yet, Turner gets the team's first postseason win in 13 years. In reality though, the Chargers are merely heading into the same round they lost in last year.

I love playoff games with history behind them.

Chargers vs. Colts: Manning threw six picks earlier this season against them, and Vinatieri missed the game winning kick.
Giants vs. Cowboys: These teams have met so often in the regular season, but never in the postseason.
Seahawks vs. Packers: "I want the ball and we're going to score." Everyone remembers it, especially Hasselbeck.
Jaguars vs. Patriots: Two years ago, the last time Jacksonville was in the playoffs, the Patriots destroyed them 28-3. Last year, the Patriots won 24-21. With how good the Jaguars have been playing, they are the team that could be eqipped to go in to Foxboro and take down the Patriots.
Four exciting games -- football fans couldn't ask for anything better.

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