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- Vikings Fire Head Coach Mike Tice

Chris Pokorny January 1, 2006
Chris Pokorny
PFC Owner & Writer

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The Minnesota Vikings didn't waste any time in getting rid of the ex-tight end. The team fired head coach Mike Tice less than an hour after a 34-10 victory over the Chicago Bears, allowing the Vikings to finish the year with a 9-7 record. Not only the announcement, but the timing of it, did not sit well with many players.

Most of the members of the Vikings' team received a statement from team owner Zygi Wilf in the locker room. Tice was stunned by the announcement.

"I don't know who was more shaken by it, him or me," said Tice on his meeting with Wilf.

Vikings QB Brad Johnson, who led his team to victory, appreciated the one year he got to spend with Tice.

"It's the owner's decision," said Johnson. "It's a tough business, and I appreciate Mike and the way he treated me and the way he treated the team. I wish him greatness."

Since Tice took over coaching, a lot of scandals have started involving the Vikings. Last year, Tice got in trouble for scalping Super Bowl tickets. Running back Onterrio Smith kept getting into trouble with drugs, and the infamous "love boat" story humiliated the Vikings organization.

However, the Vikings rebounded after a 2-5 start and losing starting QB Daunte Culpepper for the season.

Wide receiver/kick returned Koren Robinson couldn't believe the way the situation was handled.

"Whoa, that's crazy," said Robinson, as he read the statement. "In the locker room? Right after a game you just won?" Give the man respect enough to wait until Monday to enjoy the win, at least."

Vikings' safety Darren Sharper was so upset that he crumpled the notice up and threw it on the floor. He and running back Mewelde Moore declined to comment.

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