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- Week 14 Kicks Off With Chicago and Washington

Chris Pokorny December 6, 2007
Chris Pokorny
PFC Owner & Writer

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Nothing spectacular on board for this week's prediction of Thursday Night Football between the Washington Redskins and the Chicago Bears in Week 14. I'll have the rest of my predictions, including my normal-lengthed column, online Friday night.



Chicago Bears vs. Washington Redskins. I was quite surprised at how quickly the Chicago Bears folded to the New York Giants in the waning stages of the game last week. That's what happens when you fail to expand a seemingly secure lead though, further illustrating the offensive deficiencies that Rex Grossman and the rest of the offense had. I was more encouraged with Adrian Peterson's first start of the season than any time Cedric Benson had been in there, which is at least one positive sign worthy of mentioning. The big key to the Bears losing last week? Devin Hester. Not only did a team finally kick away from him, but he missed a wide open touchdown reception from Rex Grossman on a deep pattern down the middle of the field.

The Redskins are at a disadvantage for this game due to having a shorter practice week than normal. After losing to the Buffalo Bills in a game of field goals this past Sunday, they attended the funeral of fallen teammate Sean Taylor on Monday. In reality, the team had only one day to full practice and get ready for this game. The Redskins are late enough into the season though where a short week shouldn't affect how they play the game. In fact, it may be at the point where things are kept down to the basics, something the Redskins play quite well. Washington's defense doesn't need an emotional lift -- they are good enough to hold down the Bears' inept offense. Clinton Portis should be in for a big day as the Redskins snap their losing streak and maintain pace with the Arizona Cardinals for a wildcard spot. Redskins 21, Bears 13


Predictions Record to Date: 122-70 (I don't like this record...too low.)
Last Week: 8-8 (Mediocrity in a 16-game week is unacceptable.)
Survivor Streak: Won 4 (Min over Atl, Den over Oak, Car over Atl, [NYJ over Buf], Ari over StL, Cle over Mia, Cin over NYJ, NYG over Mia, [SD over Min], Sea over SF, Ind over KC, Pit over Mia, and NE over Bal.)
Survivor Record: 11-2

Our Week 14 Power Rankings will be up shortly as well, including the result of the Redskins and Bears game.

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