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- Week 8 Predictions: Upset?

Chris Pokorny October 30, 2004
Chris Pokorny
PFC Owner & Writer

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Last week there were a lot of upsets in my book, mainly with the Cardinals beating Seattle, St. Louis losing to the Dolphins, and the Colts getting beat by the Jaguars. This week brings one of the best match-ups of the NFL this season, and it headlines the games of the week. Here it is...

New England vs. Pittsburgh
This is not a diss towards the Steelers, who have a complete team right now. They have a great running game, Big Ben Rothlisberger is doing tremendous with the passing game, and the defense is holding it's own. They do play at home, but I still can't go against the Patriots. New England has already beaten the Colts, Seahawks, and Jets, all teams that people thought could end the Patriots winning streak. None of them did, so I will go with New England to win another one.

Indianapolis vs. Kansas City
This has the makings of being a bigger shootout than the Colts/Green Bay shootout earlier this season. The Chiefs broke all out last week with a new record eight touchdowns in one game. This offense proved that it still is what is was last season, and their defense has not been collapsing completely as of late. The Colts should be fired up, and Peyton Manning can have a good day against anyone. In the end, I'll take the Colts to win it, just like they did in the playoffs last year.

NYG vs. Minnesota
Whether or not Randy Moss plays, Culpepper and the Vikings offense proved they could get the job done without him last week. The Giants are a good team this year, but perhaps their 4-1 start overlooked that they may not be a powerhouse team. The Giants should make a game of it in the beginning, but the Vikings should close it out by the fourth quarter.

Green Bay vs. Washington
Brett Favre and the Packers offense has found it's niche the past two weeks, and are looking like the team I picked to go to the Super Bowl. Their defense is even showing signs of improvement. The Redskins just seem like a bland team this year. They don't score a lot on offense, and if their defense can't hold up they will be out of the game quickly.

And now, the rest of the week...

Arizona vs. Buffalo
The Cardinals are coming off a huge win over the Seattle Seahawks, and would suddenly move into playoff contention with a win here. The Cardinals haven't allowed a rushing touchdown this year, which doesn't look good for the Bills new starting running back, Willie McGahee. Anquan Boldin should be returning, giving the Cardinals a huge receiving threat, and to take pressure off of Larry Fitzgerald.

Detroit vs. Dallas
Detroit has been up and down, but has been pretty strong on the road this season. The Cowboys have had an overall disappointing season thus far, but can pull it together against the streaky Lions in this one.

Jacksonville vs. Houston
This game could go either win, and ironically, a win for either team would be huge for them in the playoff race. This should be a competitive game, but the Jaguars are still the better team at the moment. Coming off a huge win over the Colts last week, the Jaguars should have a lot of confidence coming into the game, so it's up to David Carr and the Texans to come through.

Cincinnati vs. Tennessee
The Bengals had their nice Monday Night win, but I do not see their season being brought back to life like it was last year. The Titans could very well lose this game because of Steve McNair's injuries and poor season so far, but I will stick with the Titans to win the game.

Baltimore vs. Philadelphia
I don't think the Ravens can upset the Eagles in Philadelphia. The Ravens are without Jamal Lewis once again, and they just lost Jonathan Ogden for a few games. The Eagles are without Brian Westbrook, but they still have Terrell Owens as the playmaker they can go to. The Eagles usually score a lot of points, and I don't think the Ravens can keep up with them, even if their defense is on their game.

Atlanta vs. Denver
Kansas City did play tremendous last week, but that was a pathetic performance that the Falcons had. Their defense couldn't stop any runs, and Vick was awful. Denver didn't play horrible, but they still lost to the beatable Bengals on Monday Night. Playing at home, the Bronco's probably will try and run the ball against a Falcons team that gave up eight touchdowns on the ground last week.

Carolina vs. Seattle
The Panthers season is done, and it should really suck to be a Panthers fan right now. They should have had such high hopes going into the season, only to be stuck with tons of injuries. The Seahawks have now lost three in a row, eliminating my thought of them possibly being better than the Eagles in the NFC about three weeks ago. This is a must win game for the Seahawks, simply because you don't get many games that you "should" win in a season.

Oakland vs. San Diego
The Chargers solid play looks consistent now, and Keenan McCardell did nothing but help the Chargers last week, even with his limited practice time with his new team. The Raiders season is almost shot by now, after things going south after Rich Gannon's season ending injury.

San Francisco vs. Chicago
I don't think going with Craig Krenzel will provide enough spark for the Bears to start winning. The 49'ers have played fairly well this season, even though they aren't winning games. Tim Rattay has more experience, and should lead the 49'ers to a win, and possibly pull with in one game of the Seahawks.

Miami vs. NYJ
I was stunned that the Dolphins won last week, especially against the Rams. I still don't have a lot of confidence in Miami, because all teams do win sometimes. The Jets were disappointed by not being able to beat the Patriots last week. If they lose this Monday Night game, it would be more disappointing. The Jets should have this game in the bag.

Last Week's Record: 7-7
Season Record: 61-41
Current Survivor Winning Streak: 0 games.
Survivor History:7 games(Tennessee over Miami in week one, New England over Arizona in week two, Seattle over San Francisco in week three, New England over Buffalo in week four, Indianapolis over Oakland in week five, Philadelphia over Carolina in week six, Denver over Cincinnati in week seven(lost).)

Well, I finally lost in week seven last week, when the Bengals defeated the Broncos last week. I was deciding between picking Denver or the Colts to win last week, and the Colts wouldn't have done me well either. There is still time this season for me to break my streak of six wins, so here is my pick for this week. I can pick any team to lose, so I choose the Seattle Seahawks to beat the Carolina Panthers.

That's it for this weeks predictions. Good job to the Red Sox for winning the World Series, and the NBA season is also starting soon.

-Chris Pokorny

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