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- Week Nine Predictions: PA

Chris Pokorny November 6, 2004
Chris Pokorny
PFC Owner & Writer

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It is week nine, and the playoff race is still wide open for many teams. Teams like the Packers and Chiefs are poised for playoff runs after their strong performances the past few weeks. This week has playoff implications all over it, so let's get on to the games of the week.

Philadelphia vs. Pittsburgh
It's the battle of Pennsylvania in this classic game. The Steelers have done an excellent job this season, but the Eagles may have the slight edge over them this week. One thing the Eagles have been so good this year is leading the game early. Last week the Steelers had the momentum over New England because of their quick jump on the lead. Ben Roethlisberger will have a tougher time against an Eagles defense that's not as banged up as the Patriots was. The Steelers need to run the football effectively in order to possibly win this game.

Minnesota vs. Indianapolis
This is going to be another shootout, just like all games the Colts are in. If anyone blames Manning for the Colts struggles, they have no clue what they're talking about. If he had an average defense, the Colts would be undefeated right now. With Moss not likely to play, the Vikings offense could look like it did against the Giants, but a tad bit better.

New England vs. St. Louis
One loss and now everybody thinks that the Patriots will lose two in a row now. That could happen due to the Patriots banged up secondary, but that's what the Patriots did so well last year: finding replacements while players were injured. Many people think the Rams will excel, but isn't this the Rams team that lost to the Dolphins? Don't give them too much credit.

Cleveland vs. Baltimore
This looks like an exact re-match from week one, except at Baltimore's stadium. Heap will likely be out, and Ogden is out. Lee Suggs didn't face the Ravens week one, so the Browns have another weapon offensively. Jamal Lewis and the Ravens will be thirsty for revenge, but I am still not convinced that Boller can get the job done.

And now, the rest of the week...

New York Jets vs. Buffalo
The Bills are starting to show some life suddenly. If they were playing this way from week one, they could be in contention still. They are now facing a hot 6-1 Jets team that blew out the Dolphins last week, so I have to give New York the edge in this game. Pennington has also started finding his wide receivers.

Oakland vs. Carolina
This is a match-up of two teams that are looking forward to the NFL draft. The Raiders team just has no chemistry what so ever. The Panthers still have an ok team after battling through injuries. Stephan Davis may be returning, so I'll take the Panthers.

Dallas vs. Cincinnati
A win here continues the Cowboys playoff hopes this season, as they can get back to .500. The Bengals played well at their last home game against Denver and did a decent job against Tennessee last week, but Parcells is starting to get used to winning again.

Washington vs. Detroit
The Redskins have done nothing with Mark Brunell, and Joe Gibbs hasn't helped the Redskins. The Lions must win this game, because they can't afford to fall behind the Vikings or Packers.

Arizona vs. Miami
I thought about maybe picking the Dolphins in games like this after they had beat the Rams, but with how badly they lose on Monday Night, I said forget it. The Cardinals did not have a good week with Boldins return against the Bills, but McCown will get the ball to him and Fitzgerald this week for the win.

Kansas City vs. Tampa Bay
No one can stop the Chiefs offense right now, not even the Buccaneers. The Chiefs have killed the Falcons and Colts defense, and have done just a tiny bit better on defense.

Chicago vs. New York Giants
"The Giants defense shuts down Culpepper and the Vikings, but Krenzel and the Bears offense has a lot of success against them"...I can almost guarantee that won't happen, so this pick definitely does to the Giants.

New Orleans vs. San Diego
This is sort of my upset pick of the week. The Chargers have been playing excellent football, but I think the Saints can give them a run for their money coming off the bye week.

Seattle vs. San Francisco
Seattle broke it's losing streak against Carolina last week. Now they face the 49'ers team that they destroyed earlier this season. Rattay being back will help the 49'ers, but not nearly enough to win.

Houston vs. Denver
Houston has played good on the road, and this is a tough game to pick. The Texans have played spoiler this season, but now they are looking like a serious contender. This game could come down to a last second field goal by Elam.

Last Week's Record: 7-7
Season Record: 68-48
Current Survivor Winning Streak: 1 games.
Survivor History:7 games(Tennessee over Miami in week one, New England over Arizona in week two, Seattle over San Francisco in week three, New England over Buffalo in week four, Indianapolis over Oakland in week five, Philadelphia over Carolina in week six, Denver over Cincinnati in week seven(lost), Seattle over Carolina in week eight.)

I got back on the survivor winning streak last week with the Seahawks beating the Panthers as I expected, making me 7-1 this year in survivor. This week, I will once again take the Seattle Seahawks, this time to beat the San Francisco 49'ers.

That's it for this weeks picks. And by the way, by Bush winning the presidency, the Washington "president prediction" streak is now over.

-Chris Pokorny

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