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- Week Three Predictions: SB Preview

Chris Pokorny September 25, 2004
Chris Pokorny
PFC Owner & Writer

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Hello everybody. Unfortunately I do not have time to go over my thoughts on what happened in week two because of time constraints this week, but I will still tell my predictions for this weeks games. Let's start out with the four games of the week.

Games of the Week

Green Bay vs. Indianapolis
The Packers are coming off a big loss, and the Colts are coming off of a high win. This match-up right here is what I predicted for this years Super Bowl, so I am interested to see how both team play. I think that Peyton Manning and his offense will have no major problems against the Packers defense. Ahman Green should perform well against the Colts here. I think the major factor is whether Brett Favre and have a huge game or not. I don't think that'll happen though.

Philadelphia vs. Detroit
The Eagles have started off very strong this season, and Terrell Owens is looking like one of the best pickups of any team in the offseason. The Lions have surpasses expectations in their first two games, but I think they will come back to more of a "reality" here with a loss. That's not saying they're not a good team, it's just that they don't match up to the Eagles in my opinion.

Jacksonville vs. Tennessee
This is similar to the Detroit and the Eagles match-up, where I think the Jaguars will suffer their first loss. Jacksonville has had to rely on scoring just barely enough to win and having the defense play a very close game until the last second in the first two games. Against the Titans, they would have to really step their game up to compete. I think the Titans will actually win this game in convincing fashion, by at least ten points.

Dallas vs. Washington
Dallas looks better last week, and Washington looked awful. That doesn't really matter, because this is a whole new week. Mark Brunell will go for the Redskins, and Joe Gibbs, being a veteran coach, should do the same thing Parcells did with the Cowboys in week two - find a way to win.

And now, for the rest of the week...

Arizona vs. Atlanta
This is a must-win and I mean must-win game for the Falcons. It's not because they are doing bad or anything, but this is a game they are supposed to win. And if they win, they will have a 3-0 record along with being in the same division that the NFC Champions were in last year(actually the past two years).

Baltimore vs. Cincinnati
The Ravens did enough convincing to me that they're better than they actually played in week one. The Bengals have played poorly in the running game, and you can't have a one-sided attack against the Ravens. Baltimore should make a big defensive play early, and that will be all they should need.

Houston vs. Kansas City
If the Texans go 0-3, it really doesn't matter because they are not supposed to be a contender. Now if Kansas City goes 0-3, it does matter because I thought they were going to win this division. If all goes well, this will be the game where the Chiefs can get back on track and start playing better all around.

Chicago vs. Minnesota
Could the Bears make it two upsets in a row? I don't think so. Minnesota's offense will come in clutch better than they did against the Eagles. I can almost guarentee another goal line stand or fumble at the one yard like will happen for the Vikings either.

Cleveland vs. New York Giants
So what, I've already picked the Browns to win all three games so far. I still think they could have beat the Cowboys last week. Against the Giants this week, I think Garcia will upgrade his passer rating by about 80 points compared to last weeks, and exploit the Giants secondary.

New Orleans vs. St. Louis
The Rams haven't been playing good football. They could catch a break this week however because they're playing at home and Deuce won't be playing for the Saints. Now, if only Marc Bulger wouldn't continue to make mistakes, this pick would turn out correct.

San Diego vs. Denver
Believe it or not, the Chargers offense has actually looked as good if not better than the Bronco's offense the past two weeks. Denver has the best defense that San Diego will have seen so far though, so they shouldn't have as much success against the Bronco's. But, Denver does need more points than the six they had last week.

San Francisco vs. Seattle
How can the Seahawks blow their amazing start? By winning two road games, where they struggled so much last year, and then losing against the 49'ers at home where they thrived last year. I will be stunned if that happened, so that's why the Seahawks will definitely win this game.

Pittsburgh vs. Miami
Whoosh...hurricane postpones the game to late night. I thought I would pick the Dolphins originally since they're due even with their poor offense and Maddox being out for the Steelers, but I've re-considered. Instead, I want Miami to prove me wrong that they are the worse team in football currently.

Tampa Bay vs. Oakland
Tampa Bay, you've still got a great defense. But, you have an absolutely horrid offense at the moment. There is no way I can pick a team without an offensive touchdown in their first two games. On top of that, I think Gannon can do enough to defeat the team that beat him in the Super Bowl two years ago.

Last Week's Record: 9-7
Season Record: 22-10
Current Survivor Winning Streak: 2 games(Tennessee over Miami in week one, New England over Arizona in week two.)

And finally, my survivor pick for this week is the Seattle Seahawks over the San Francisco 49'ers.

That's it for this week's column. Thanks for reading!

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