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February 2007

February 28, 2007
Bengals Surprisingly Release LB Simmons 8:57 PM (PFCritics)
Damon Huard Won't Become a Free Agent 8:53 PM (PFCritics)
Saints Agree to Contract With Hollis Thomas 8:48 PM (PFCritics)

February 26, 2007
Eagles Sign QB Feeley to Extension 2:34 PM (PFCritics)
DE Patrick Kerney Voids Contract 2:18 PM (PFCritics)

February 25, 2007
2007 NFL Draft Predictions: Russell or Quinn? 8:55 PM (PFCritics)

February 24, 2007
Corey Dillon Wants Out of New England 12:58 PM (PFCritics)

February 23, 2007
Redskins Release Safety Troy Vincent 9:24 PM (PFCritics)
Father of LaDainian Tomlinson Killed In Auto Accident 8:22 PM (PFCritics)
Browns Win Coin Toss Over Tampa Bay 1:07 PM (PFCritics)

February 16, 2007
Larry Johnson Wants New Deal, Broncos Exercise Walker 9:41 PM (PFCritics)
Bears Retain Lance Briggs via Franchise Tag 9:37 PM (PFCritics)
Bengals Give Justin Smith the Franchise Tag 9:37 PM (PFCritics)

February 15, 2007
Giants Release Key Players, Including LaVar Arrington 9:44 AM (PFCritics)
Packers Sign Al Harris to Contract Extension 9:36 AM (PFCritics)
Tiki Barber to be an Analyst on Sunday Night Football 9:32 AM (PFCritics)
Cowboys Add Ray Sherman and John Garrett to Staff 9:28 AM (PFCritics)

February 7, 2007
2006 NFL All-Star Team 10:02 PM (PFCritics)

February 4, 2007
NFL Mailbag: Fans Weigh in on Super Bowl and Favre 2:20 PM (PFCritics)
A tale of two QB's, who will come out on top? 2:33 AM (PFCritics)

February 3, 2007
Super Bowl XLI: Chicago Bears vs Indianapolis Colts 11:47 PM (PFCritics)

February 2, 2007
Colts Add Robert Mathis and Jason David to Injury Report 9:37 PM (PFCritics)
Alert the Presses: Brett Favre is Coming Back 9:19 PM (PFCritics)

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