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April 2007

April 25, 2007
Patriots Sign Veteran CB Tory James 7:38 PM (PFCritics)

April 23, 2007
First Round Projection 9:48 PM (PFCritics)

April 13, 2007
Andre Davis Signs With Texans 12:52 PM (PFCritics)
Drew Bledsoe Retires After 14 Years 12:50 PM (PFCritics)
Saints Sign WR David Patten to Deal 12:45 PM (PFCritics)
Broncos Sign WR David Terrell Again 12:44 PM (PFCritics)

April 11, 2007
Packers Sign LB Barnett to Extension 9:33 PM (PFCritics)

April 7, 2007
Ricky Williams Applies for Reinstatement 12:24 PM (PFCritics)
Cowboys Re-Sign WR Patrick Crayton 12:10 PM (PFCritics)

April 3, 2007
Dolphins Trade Olindo Mare for Sixth Rounder 8:02 PM (PFCritics)

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