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October 2006

October 29, 2006
Jerry Porter Could Start Against Pittsburgh 11:30 AM (PFCritics)
Updated Status of Chiefs' Damon Huard 11:27 AM (PFCritics)
Week 8 Power Rankings: NFC Teams Suffer Setback 11:21 AM (PFCritics)

October 28, 2006
Week 8 Predictions - Colts Offense vs Broncos Defense 7:48 PM (PFCritics)

October 27, 2006
In the Dawg Pound: The Miami Dolphins 6:23 PM (PFCritics)

October 26, 2006
NFL Week 8 - The Unstoppable Force vs The Immovable Object? 2:39 PM (PFCritics)

October 24, 2006
Bears vs Giants on Sunday Night November 12th 9:07 PM (PFCritics)
Browns Cut Ties With Maurice Carthon 9:01 PM (PFCritics)
Falcons Pass Rush Will Have to Wait 8:54 PM (PFCritics)
Matt Hasselbeck to Miss Three Weeks 8:43 PM (PFCritics)
Packers Place WR Robert Ferguson on IR 6:10 PM (PFCritics)
Gary Baxter Tears Both Patellar Tendons 6:07 PM (PFCritics)
Colts Safety Mike Doss Out for Season 10:17 AM (PFCritics)

October 21, 2006
Week 7 NFL Rankings: Bengals Fall 8:40 PM (PFCritics)
Week 7 NFL Picks: Can Owens Do it Again? 8:02 PM (PFCritics)
NFL Week 7 - The Steelers are back in business 10:22 AM (PFCritics)

October 19, 2006
Chris Perry Hopes to Play Against Carolina 9:41 PM (PFCritics)
Chicago Bears Lose Mike Brown for Season 9:32 PM (PFCritics)

October 18, 2006
NFL by Storm: Tons of Comebacks 7:57 PM (PFCritics)

October 17, 2006
Miami Dolphins Promote Marcus Vick 9:21 PM (PFCritics)
Washington Upgrades Secondary With Troy Vincent 9:40 AM (PFCritics)
Texans Cut Ties With Phillip Buchanon 9:36 AM (PFCritics)

October 15, 2006
Week 6 Power Rankings: Rams Improve 10:33 AM (PFCritics)

October 14, 2006
Anthony Wright Out After Appendectomy 6:42 PM (PFCritics)
Erron Kinney Placed on Injured Reserve 6:24 PM (PFCritics)

October 13, 2006
Week 5 Players of the Week 9:37 PM (PFCritics)
In The Dawg Pound: Randy Moss 9:35 PM (PFCritics)
Ian's NFL Week 6 predictions 7:09 PM (PFCritics)
Breakdown of (in) the Browns Offense 5:57 PM (PFCritics)
Week 6 Predictions: Rams vs Seahawks 2:04 PM (PFCritics)

October 11, 2006
Vikings Sign WR Bethel Johnson 6:58 PM (PFCritics)
Nick Novak Replaced John Hall in Washington 6:42 PM (PFCritics)
Panthers' Dan Morgan Out for Season 6:04 PM (PFCritics)

October 8, 2006
Mike Peterson Strains Pectoral Muscle 9:37 PM (PFCritics)
Larry Fitzgerald Leaves With Groin Injury 9:30 PM (PFCritics)
The view from the UK: Game-by-game predictions and other musings. 1:06 PM (PFCritics)
Week 5 Power Rankings: Bears Surge 11:25 AM (PFCritics)

October 7, 2006
Week 5 Predictions: Cowboys vs Eagles 6:43 PM (PFCritics)

October 6, 2006
Eagles Trying to Stay Healthy Against Cowboys 10:22 PM (PFCritics)
Will Daunte Culpepper Play Against the Patriots? 10:18 PM (PFCritics)
Chris Henry Receivers Two Game Suspension 10:11 PM (PFCritics)
In the Dawg Pound: Terrell Owens 5:19 PM (PFCritics)

October 5, 2006
New Quarterbacks Change Team Performances 7:56 PM (PFCritics)
90 Day Jail Sentence for Koren Robinson 6:19 PM (PFCritics)
B.J. Sams Charged With Second DUI 6:12 PM (PFCritics)
Brett Favre Looks to Play Against Rams 3:53 PM (PFCritics)

October 3, 2006
Jason Brown Replacing Edwin Mulitalo for Ravens 10:00 PM (PFCritics)
Packers Release CB Ahmad Carroll 9:43 PM (PFCritics)

October 1, 2006
Idiotic Play by Albert Haynesworth 9:34 PM (PFCritics)
PFC's Week 3 Players of the Week 12:08 AM (PFCritics)

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