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July 2006

July 31, 2006
Finneran Suffers Serious Knee Injury 7:27 PM (PFCritics)
Frostee Rucker Signs With Bengals 7:22 PM (PFCritics)
Tye Hill Agrees to Terms With Rams 7:17 PM (PFCritics)
Redskins Sign First Pick McIntosh 7:14 PM (PFCritics)

July 30, 2006
Training Camp Battles Q&A Part 2 3:20 PM (PFCritics)
Craig Nall Injures Hamstring 11:39 AM (PFCritics)
Braylon Edwards Returns to Field 11:34 AM (PFCritics)
Fred Taylor Can't Escape Injury 11:11 AM (PFCritics)
Steve Smith Carted Off Field 11:05 AM (PFCritics)
Marcus Spears Having Knee Surgery 11:00 AM (PFCritics)
Detroit Lions Sign LB Ernie Sims 10:54 AM (PFCritics)
Reggie Bush: Are You Ready? 10:50 AM (PFCritics)
Addai Ready to Replace James 10:44 AM (PFCritics)

July 29, 2006
Browns Sign WR Travis Wilson 5:12 PM (PFCritics)
Eagles Receivers Can't Catch a Break 5:09 PM (PFCritics)
Bengals Sign CB Johnathan Joseph 5:04 PM (PFCritics)
Hawk Gets Ready to Scout Offense 4:59 PM (PFCritics)
Troubled Holmes Signs With Steelers 4:47 PM (PFCritics)

July 28, 2006
Cowboys Sign LB Bobby Carpenter 7:49 PM (PFCritics)
Jaguars Sign TE Marcedes Lewis 7:36 PM (PFCritics)
49ers Get Busy - Davis Signed 7:23 PM (PFCritics)
Kansas City Chiefs Sign DE Tamba Hail 7:16 PM (PFCritics)
Bills Sign DT John McCargo 7:11 PM (PFCritics)
Laurence Maroney Agrees With Patriots 7:07 PM (PFCritics)

July 27, 2006
Titans Sign Young and White 6:01 PM (PFCritics)
Vikings Sign LB Chad Greenway 5:45 PM (PFCritics)
Jimmy Williams Signs With Atlanta 5:41 PM (PFCritics)
Giants Sign DE Mathias Kiwanuka 5:37 PM (PFCritics)
Jets Sign Mangold, Martin on PUP 5:34 PM (PFCritics)
LeCharles Bentley Carted Off Field 12:03 PM (PFCritics)

July 26, 2006
Tarvaris Jackson Signs With Minnesota 11:28 PM (PFCritics)
Jets Sign D'Brickashaw Ferguson 11:25 PM (PFCritics)
Levi Jones Signed Through 2012 5:58 PM (PFCritics)
Panthers Sign CB Richard Marshall 5:54 PM (PFCritics)
Hot NFL Training Camp Battles 5:48 PM (PFCritics)

July 25, 2006
Chargers Sign CB Antonio Cromartie 11:37 PM (PFCritics)
Michael Robinson Ready to Run 11:29 PM (PFCritics)
Rams Sign Adeyanju, Wait for Tye 11:26 PM (PFCritics)
Raiders Lock Up Michael Huff 11:18 PM (PFCritics)
Gallery Placed on PUP List 11:11 PM (PFCritics)
Chad Jackson Signs With Patriots 11:07 PM (PFCritics)
Packers Sign WR Greg Jennings 10:58 PM (PFCritics)
Ravens Sign WR Demetrius Williams 10:54 PM (PFCritics)
Cardinals Sign DT Gabe Watson 2:01 PM (PFCritics)
Cardinals Sign TE Leonard Pope 1:44 PM (PFCritics)
Steelers Sign Philip, Bucs Sign Gradkowski 1:40 PM (PFCritics)
Finally, Jaguars Get Pick Signed 1:37 PM (PFCritics)

July 24, 2006
Ricky Williams Brakes His Arm 11:50 AM (PFCritics)

July 23, 2006
Ty Law Finally Finds a Home 10:02 PM (PFCritics)
Jackson, 3 More Sign With Cleveland 9:57 PM (PFCritics)
Cowboys Sign Star TE Witten to Deal 9:52 PM (PFCritics)
Browns Strike First With Wimbley 9:48 PM (PFCritics)
Jets Sign Washington and Coleman 9:42 PM (PFCritics)
Bernard Pollard Signs With Chiefs 9:37 PM (PFCritics)
Ravens Sign Four Draft Picks 9:34 PM (PFCritics)

July 19, 2006
Vikings Cook Up With Recent Signing 10:56 PM (PFCritics)
Browns Sign CB Minter and DT Oshinowo 10:53 PM (PFCritics)
Are the Panthers Really Number 1? 7:57 PM (PFCritics)

July 18, 2006
Titans Sign WR Jonathan Orr 10:44 PM (PFCritics)
Cedric Griffin Signs With Minnesota 10:40 PM (PFCritics)
Vikings Sign Edwards and Blue 10:37 PM (PFCritics)

July 17, 2006
Underrated Justice Signs With Eagles 6:03 PM (PFCritics)
Josh Lay Agrees With Saints 5:58 PM (PFCritics)

July 16, 2006
Browns' Wimbley Trying to Sign Soon 4:16 PM (PFCritics)
Titans Sign Safety Calvin Lowery 3:51 PM (PFCritics)
Keith Davis Shot in Drive-By 3:45 PM (PFCritics)

July 14, 2006
Packers Sign Fourth Rounder Blackmon 10:42 PM (PFCritics)
Patriots Sign Stevenson, Saints Sign Hofstra 10:38 PM (PFCritics)
Browns Sign Draft Picks Vickers & Hamilton 10:33 PM (PFCritics)
Fans Say Priest Holmes Shouldn't Retire 6:17 PM (PFCritics)
NFL Fantasy Quarterback Rankings 5:38 PM (PFCritics)

July 13, 2006
Jeff Backus Staying With Lions 10:46 PM (PFCritics)
FB Ahmard Hall Joins Vince Young 10:38 PM (PFCritics)
Texans Sign RB Lundy, WR Anderson 10:34 PM (PFCritics)
Odell Thurman Suspended - 4 Games 10:30 PM (PFCritics)
Jason Allen Underwent Knee Surgery 7:14 PM (PFCritics)
Supplemental Draft: Brooks to Bengals 7:10 PM (PFCritics)
Fullback Karney Signs 4-Year Extension 7:00 PM (PFCritics)
Philadelphia Signs WR Jason Avant 6:57 PM (PFCritics)
Panthers Get Busy With Signings 6:52 PM (PFCritics)

July 12, 2006
Browns Sign Cribbs to One Year Deal 8:34 PM (PFCritics)
Texans Sign 4th-Round TE Owen Daniels 4:54 PM (PFCritics)
Mexican Kicker Signs With 49ers 4:49 PM (PFCritics)
Chris Gocung Signed by Eagles 4:26 PM (PFCritics)
Lutui Signed on With Cardinals 4:20 PM (PFCritics)

July 11, 2006
Packers Sign Safety Tyrone Culver 7:29 PM (PFCritics)
Alge Crumpler Had Secret Surgery 7:22 PM (PFCritics)
Ramsey Signed to Extension by Jets 7:17 PM (PFCritics)

July 10, 2006
Eagles Sign Olympian Jeremy Bloom 9:51 PM (PFCritics)
Eagles Sign Max Jean-Gilles 4:18 PM (PFCritics)

July 9, 2006
Denver Broncos Sign LB T.J. Hollowell 4:09 PM (PFCritics)
Browns Running Game Gets Fair Ranking 2:34 PM (PFCritics)

July 8, 2006
Texans Lock Up DeMeco Ryans 3:28 PM (PFCritics)
Packers Sign DT Johnny Jolly 3:20 PM (PFCritics)
Todd Sauerbrun Suspended 1 Month 3:16 PM (PFCritics)

July 7, 2006
NFL Running Back Rankings 8:21 PM (PFCritics)

July 6, 2006
Bills Sign LT Terrance Pennington 5:28 AM (PFCritics)
Arizona Cardinals Sign First Draft Picks 5:19 AM (PFCritics)
Bears Finish Draft Pick Signings 5:13 AM (PFCritics)

July 4, 2006
Joe Buck to Multi-Task for FOX TV 10:05 AM (PFCritics)
Redskins Sean Taylor Being Sued 9:56 AM (PFCritics)

July 3, 2006
Drew Bennett Returning to Form 12:29 PM (PFCritics)
Bears Sign DB Hester and LB Williams 12:14 PM (PFCritics)

July 2, 2006
Tim Couch's Season is Over Again 3:53 PM (PFCritics)
Wide Receiver Rankings: Top 50 2:49 PM (PFCritics)

July 1, 2006
Roethlisberger to Throw Next Week 10:42 AM (PFCritics)
Saints Explore Bush and McAllister 10:24 AM (PFCritics)
CFL Touchdown for Ricky Williams 10:06 AM (PFCritics)

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